Are you in need of design help but don’t live within our local service area?

Or maybe you live locally but you like the convenience and value of an e-design? We’ve got you covered!

Virtual Design

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Through our virtual consulting and e-design options, you can have access to all of the same design expertise and style that Field + Harbour brings to our local clients by working with us remotely. 

We design your space, you bring it to life!

Full Service E-design

Our most inclusive, custom design service for remote clients. Almost as good as having us there in real life! Not sure what E-design is? Simply put, it means we’ll be doing a lot of digital designing and communicating via email and video chat! No project too big or too small. From concept to completion, we can help you create a beautiful space no matter where you live!

Virtual Consulting

We love talking design! Chat with us about anything and everything, solve your design dilemmas, and get inspired to create a space you love to live! Our hourly consulting is perfect for someone who enjoys the design process and decorating their home, but needs some guidance along the way.

Custom E-Design

This service gives you a custom design that you can implement easily on your own. We create a design for you including mood boards, floor plan based on your room dimensions, product and source lists. You choose a design using retail products for speedier service, or take advantage of our trade sources offering a truly custom design. 

Pre-Designed Spaces

If you are looking for quick turn around and a simple solution to designing your space, we offer a variety of pre-designed rooms! You’ll receive a pdf mood board showing the furniture and decor items used in the space along with a source list and links to purchase the items. It’s a great budget friendly solution while still having the benefit of a Field + Harbour designed space! 

Design Power Hour

An hour design consult on overdrive! We determine your needs ahead of time, I prepare solutions and ideas for you, and then we schedule an hour call where I walk you through those ideas and give you direction on how to make things happen! This is a fast paced, great value option for clients who have several needs they want to address in a short amount of time.

We offer a variety of virtual services to suit your specific needs. 

drawings + renderings

Simply need drawings for your project? Would you like to see a 3D rendering of your space before it comes to life? Let us create the vision to make your house feel like home!

desire a Field + Harbour design but don’t live in our local service area?

Want to DIY your way to a beautifully designed space?

Need a professional to guide you through your design ideas and decorating dilemmas?

Do you...

Our virtual design services are perfect for you!

I was in need of a design for my newly finished guest room and required something with a quick turnaround. I was connected with Kristi and she began creating an e-design for me...

Professional Design

DIY friendly


We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful space and truly love their home.

Our virtual services allow us to help more people do just that!

Kristi was able to create a fully designed space for me within a weeks time. She gave me a visual rendering of the room, floor plan, and a list of the furniture and decor to be used in the space, with direct links to purchase everything online! The process was enjoyable and my guest room turned out beautifully

-andrea, e-design client

We are so excited to hear about your project!

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Our Virtual Design services can help give you the confidence you need to make the right design decisions for your home, and make designing and styling a space so easy!

It is a privilege to be able to help people all over the country create beautiful spaces they love.

Chatting with Kristi through her virtual consulting service was so much fun! She gave me ideas that I hadn’t even considered and I will use her help again in the future!

-marie, virtual consult client

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