Your home is a reflection of you.

It’s where you nurture yourself, your family, your guests.

 It’s where memories are created, your days are started, and your successes are celebrated. 

It’s more than just a collection of rooms.

It’s what you design it to be.

If you’re nodding your head along but aren’t sure where to get started with the actual design process, you’re in the right place!


 Welcome to Field + Harbour,

a residential design and styling company, creating spaces designed for real living. 

 We believe that the place you spend the most time in should be both beautiful and functional. Through our approachable style and obtainable design processes, creating a home you truly love becomes reality. 


We’re in the design game because we love it!

We believe in the power of creating a home that truly changes the way you feel. In our experience, the best way to achieve this is by designing light + bright spaces, with an overall collected, approachable look.

 We enjoy mixing in fresh + modern accents while keeping spaces forever timeless, aiming for an authentic reflection of you. It’s more than just good design, it’s creating a lifestyle that you love. It’s design for real living.

 We believe everyone deserves to have a beautiful home, and that a well designed space can be obtainable. Nothing should keep you from loving the spaces you live in.

Field + Harbour is passionate about helping people everywhere truly feel more at home and we have options to suit each individual need. 

The Field + Harbour Process

1. The Connection

We’ll get to know each other, discuss budget, your design needs + wants, and select one of our services to meet them. 

2. The proposal

We’ll send you a proposal outlining your project scope and detailing our design fees. If it’s good to go, give us the green light and we’ll start designing.

3. design development

We work to develop your design and bring your vision to life. Depending upon your choice of service and project type, this process will vary in both scope and time. Details will be outlined along with your proposal.  

4. design execution

This is where your design starts becoming reality. We work with you from concept to completion to make your design dreams come true.

5. love your home!

Once your project is complete, we know you will truly love your home! 

I couldn’t be happier with the work Kristi has done helping to guide us through our home renovation. Kristi is fun to work with and her design process is simple and straightforward.


Hi, I’m Kristi.

design obsessed and girl boss at Field + Harbour. 

Born and raised in Indiana, I’ve always had a knack for business and design. A true DIYer at heart, I’ve been designing and styling since I was a little girl. I was the kid always moving around my bedroom furniture, painting something, or creating house designs on the computer. There’s never been a time when design wasn’t a passion of mine and that I wasn’t somehow using my creativity to earn money.

 After attending art and design school, I moved to sunny Florida in pursuit of another passion, got married, and started a family. My desire to work from home pushed me to start a business where I dabbled in the interior design field. Unfortunately, the housing market crash of 2008 put a halt to residential work, so I began a wedding + event design company. I successfully ran my event business for 8 years and the experience I gained during that time was invaluable. As the housing market began to make its way back up I started picking up casual residential work again while painting and reselling vintage furniture + home decor at a local shop.

 I was fortunate enough to sell my event business in 2016, and jumped in head first pursuing my love of residential design and I’ve never looked back. It’s one of those things I just know in my heart I was created to do and I’m so excited to be able to use my talents to help people truly love their home.

 I currently reside and work in a beautiful beachside town with my wonderful husband and 3 amazing  kids.

Field + Harbour got its name from the fields of my Midwest roots and my now coastal, harbour home. 

We currently serve local clients along the Space Coast, Treasure Coast and greater Orlando area, as well as clients all over the country through our virtual design services and online community. 

We all want to feel like we belong, and our homes give us the unique opportunity to create that special feeling. 

The place we live is an intimate settings where we take care of ourselves and take care of others. It only makes sense that our spaces feel and look like us. 

Are you ready to make your house feel like home?

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